Monday, March 28, 2005

hey i tried!!!

to angel and alven...i DID try to update but blogspot kept coming up with errors so i gave up eventually...oh wells...

was in a horrible mood yesterday....whiny and snappy...doesn't really make sense does it? look at it this way..i never DID make sense to begin with...

school today wasn't any better with the whole lynette, me and colin thing....sigh....

have been doing too much pengamiran esp the volume part...putar putar and putar ...and NOW that chua has started on putaran bukan sahaja berpaksi, it berarah and bermagnitud also...ish!!!!...that's life i guess....

have got a whole new load of homework again today..what with peka and add math and moral folio...what CRAP.....

that's all for today i think...

reminder to self...i solemnly swear to not call angel when i'm in a whiny mood...lolz...

found myself today
oh i found myself
and ran away
something pulled me back
voice of reason
i forgot i had
all i know is you're not here to say
what you always used to say
and its written in the sky tonight
so i won't give up
no i won't break down
sooner than it seems
life turns around
and i will be strong
even if it all goes wrong
when i'm standing in the dark
i'll still believe
someone's watching over me

someone's watching over me
hilary duff

+ cassie over and out +


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