Thursday, February 17, 2005

sports day

sports day is over. i am somewhat relieved and yet somewhat...sad that it is over. call me a sucker and all but this is one thing i think i will miss. yeah. me. miss sports day. didn't cry when i sang the school song though. which is a good thing.
for those who are wondering, my team, teresas didn't win this year. nada. not for cheering. not for marching. and we were most probably a good 100 points behind xaviers. for overall that is. for cheering on the other hand, although we lost, i think that we all did a very good .. or at least a pretty good job out of it. better than our rehearsals at least. we were also quite happy to know that the marks for the cheering is only a difference of 2-3 points. however when i heard a comment saying, "it wasn't all THAT near".. everything just came tumbling down. right down. all the way. like an avalanche. all the snow just tumbling down the snow capped mountain. oh wells. after sports day, although we were all hot, sweaty and tired, tasha, lyn and i headed off to cs to meet up with sean and nicholas where a lot and i do mean a LOT of things happened. aish.. some things that happened today made me think.. made me think really hard.. have just come to a realisation that i am really stupid. REALLY REALLY stupid. as i would put it, "EXCRUCIATINGLY STUPID" .. some things i did recently are beyond stupid. plain dumb. i mean like. i should have known better than to do that. it was like way below my dignity but i still went ahead with it. why?

+ cas "excruciatingly stupid" sie over and out +


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