Friday, February 25, 2005

not again

1. i wanna get out of malaysia and i wanna get outta here fast.

2. there is school tomorrow. a full monday timetable and mas liana's not coming in which means pn. geetha will most probably come in tomorrow.

3. i wanna get out of this hell hole and i wanna get out of it now.

4. after which there will be physics tuition. not too sure if i can survive it. positively hate having to go to school then head straight to tuition.

5. i wanna get outta here.

6. later on, i have a dinner which i am absolutely reluctant to go for. particularly because of where it's held at.

7. really i do.

8. this week seems to be getting from bad to worst.

9. i wanna get out of malaysia and i wanna get out of here fast.

10. being different does not equate to being weird.

11. just wanna leave all this behind.

12. just cos people dare to be different, it doesn't make them not-so-normal.

13. put in that position, you will actually come to realise its not so nice after all. just because you choose to be different from the rest, you are thus labelled as weird. ever tried walking down the street just to have everyone who is walking past you stare at you just because you look different from the rest? well. it's not nice. NOT NICE AT ALL.

+ cassie over and out +


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