Monday, February 21, 2005

monday blue

its a monday once again and for once in a long long time, i actually came back home for lunch before going off for tuition. it's been a while. sigh.

angel messaged me saying that dt caught some of the girls in the computer room and shooeed the back to class. not to mention, the computer room was in a total mess. that brought my mood to a total nose dive down a 1000 kilometre cliff at the speed of 180km/h. so there. sigh.

anyway, weiyi said that they were going to choose the debate team tomorrow. we're supposed to be there to do p.o.i. and stuff. sigh. debate. brings back memories. good and bad. oh wells. reminds me. it was then that lin hui made me her....7th wife i think. haha. and one year from now, i'm tasha's 3rd wife too. oh wells.. im climbing up the wifey ladder. hope one day i'll be the first. haha.

hmm...think i will be getting one hell of a shelling tomorrow from dt. also, i hope to finish giving out the dedications and stuff. am kind of sick at looking at all those lollipops and bookmarks and chocolates. hmm..oh wells..

+ cassie over and out +


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