Monday, February 28, 2005

monday again

let's today was somewhat uneventful...what with all the teachers gone off for the whole mssd netball thing.. had four free periods in the morning but spent it doing a bit of est and ... a graph...can't help it concentration level at that unearthly hours of the morning is close to nil. so there. it's amazing that i even got anything done to begin with.

next up, today was probably the very first time i saw angel scold the girls. shouting at them to keep quiet and all. jayne, kysha and i were thoroughly surprised at angel. it was probably the first time any of us saw her react like that towards the girls. an eye opener. plus...esther doesn't seem herself this few days. usually she'd be shouting into the mike telling the girls to shut up and get into their lines. however, these few days that she handled assembly, she didn't really say much. only at the end she commented that the discipline was horrible and told the girls to buck up. is that weird or what.

+ cassie over and out +


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