Saturday, February 12, 2005

day trip to kl

okay..i am like dead tired...and i just got back from kl..but since i am waiting for angel to finish blogging...thought i might as well blog too! lemme see...was supposed to leave the house at like 7 this morning but my mum said that we were all sleepin like logs so she didn't wake us up until 8..haha..anyways...we went to kl..umm...pj 2 be exact..went to drop my bro at my uncle's place .. then we dropped by at my aunt's was like DAMN nice..3 storey semi-d complete with a swimming pool inside her house....aish..too bad i didn't manage to go for a dip...THAT would have been nice...oh wells...then we went to the curve for lunch....then 2 ikea to check out their stuff...then dropped my bro back 2 the house and then we left...hmm..reached ayer keroh at like 8sth 9 for dinner..and here i am.. back and bathed..and really tired..

neways.. his royal highness...prince bakkwa says that he doesn't like the name...sounds yucky...hahaha...anyway...angel said that he said that he doesn't like bakkwa, which is fine and dandy cos he can't go around eating his subjects...hahaha...omg.. this is soo funny...hahah..i actually laughed out loud when i read that...and my mum was in the room..and she shot me a look and was like...what happened?? hahahah...soo funny..

oh wells..think im going to check on angel's blog then head to bed

+ cassie over and out +


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