Sunday, February 20, 2005

another weekend gone

there it goes...there it goes again...
another weekend gone down the drain with much worrying..depression..and doing homework most of all...on top of a horrible horrible headache and lack of sleep..oh wells...

topic of the day money
love is the root of all evil. to this. angel and i have absolutely NO objection towards. im just biased so sue me.. i think that love is many an evil thing. seriously it is. it is a thoroughly dangerous item of mass destruction...even worst than that of a worm's holy grenade or metal slug's laser beamer or heavy machine gun even! i mean seriouly! ever heard of the case where this guy wanted to exact revenge on his girlfriend...he was a suicide bomber at that and BOOOOM.. there you have it suicide bomber + revenge + bombs = lots of dbs....sigh...i rest my is most definite that love and not money is the root of all evil.

that is all i have to say today.

+ cassie over and out +

p/s.. love is an irritating bugger.


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