Tuesday, February 01, 2005

another one???

another one??? oh no!!! great...just great...another imposter eh..what a sick world this is..oh wells..am supposed to be doing homework... or settling com club stuff... or finishing off els articles..or maybe even practising my moves..but no..im here blogging..am gonna be sooo dead...sigh...

today's rehearsal was bad for both angel and i. she got shouted at. could tell that she was VERY pissed and its NOT OFTEN that she get's this pissed. can totally understand it. i mean... who likes being shouted at? as for me...sigh...cheering was just plain bad.. PLAIN PLAIN PLAIN BAD...i mean like..why is it that during practise its so nice but when rehearsal comes along....wah..can "vomit blood" man..

sigh...so depressing...think im better off logging off..depression is contagious..

+cassie over and out +


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