Tuesday, February 22, 2005

all she wanted...

"I didn't do anything. I swear. I really do." Jennifer pleaded with her teacher in between sobs.

"If you didn't do it, then prove it to me. prove it to me why you were behaving so suspiciously in the teacher's lounge. You knew that the test papers were kept there didn't you? You wanted to steal a glance at the papers to find out the questions which were set for the examinations isn't it?" the teacher said.

"I swear I did not know that the papers were there. I was just helping Katie look for her math book." she replied looking to Katie for some form of help.

"Is that right Katie?" the teacher turned to stare at Katie.

"Umm...umm..." Katie could barely utter a word. She felt helpless as she saw Jennifer being reprimanded for something she hadn't do. All Katie wanted was a glimpse of the examination questions and so she asked Jennifer to tag along, saying that she wanted to look for her math book. However, she did not manage to call out to Jennifer as she saw the teacher striding along into the room. She only but managed to escape. And now Jennifer had to shoulder the blame. She did not even know what was going on to begin with, Katie said to herself. I'm sorry cried out a little voice inside her head. I'm really sorry Jennifer, but I can't afford to get into trouble once more.

"Trying to push the blame to others now are we?" the teacher glared at Jennifer like a hawk eyeing on its prey.

Back home, after Jennifer's mother had been called to school, she had received a taste of the whip. There were bruises all over her hands and legs. She only managed to hobble into her room whimpering along the way.

"Why won't anyone believe me? I really did not do anything. Why wouldn't Katie stand up for me? We really were there only to search for her math book. Why wouldn't anyone believe me? I swear I did not do anything" she cried.

The next morning, Jennifer's mother found her dead lying in a pool of blood. Next to her was a note saying "Mom, I really did not do anything. Please believe me. I love you now and always."

The one thing Jennifer wanted was for someone to believe in her and to stand up for her. Yet the one thing she wanted was the one thing she did not have.

+ when no one believes in you, just remember that i believe in you +
+ when no one is there for you, look around and you'll see that i have never left you +

+ cassie over and out +


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