Wednesday, January 05, 2005

third day and counting

ever realise that misfortunes don't come singly and yes there IS such a word in existence. "singly" that is.

my life has been nothing short of disappointments, disappointments and more disappointments.

it is only the third day of the term but it feels like it has been a millennium since monday. i have got no idea why. but it just does.

akin to what i told jayne, its only the 5th of january but i'm already hating every minute of it. NO ONE, i repeat NO ONE is supposed to hate the start of the year but here i am hating EVERY MINUTE OF IT.

my ankle is currently, i dunno. dislocated? twisted? all i know is that its awfully pain. hope i make it to tuition later today. sigh.

this is too painful to bear. all the disappointments in my life. EVERYTHING. i hate everything, so much so that i think i'm the cause of it all. THEREFORE, I HATE MYSELF. there. nice, sweet and short.

today is just too bleak, disappointing and most of all, i don't know what.

i wake up in the morning
put on my face
the one that's gonna get me
through another day
doesn't really matter
how i feel inside
this life is like a game sometimes

avril lavigne

cassie over and out


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