Tuesday, January 11, 2005

remain positive

reminder to self. *must remain positive. no matter what happens. must remain positive. death is not an option. not now. not ever.*

first of all, many spanks to angel who left that cute lil note in my bag the other day! nearly threw it away thinking it was scrap paper until i remembered that i put nothing in my bag's pocket except my prefect notebook. hehe.

second week of school and i have been staying back for two consecutive days. tomorrow will be no exception as there is cheering practice.

hard to imagine this is going to be my last year in convent. my last year of school! how ironical. when i was young, i just couldn't wait to grow up. and now that i'm all grown up, i want to be young again. haha. oh wells. we "senior citizens" as mrs. koo would put it. now what would THAT make her? hmm... *raises eyebrow deep in thought*

i am like totally in love with david tao now. his songs are awesome. have been replaying his songs over and over and over again on my player. hehe.

loads of add math work today. sigh. i think we are supposed to hand it in on .. thursday? yeah, i think so. on top of which, i have an essay to hand in for godmama's class tomorrow, AND chua's add math work. oh wells. my work pile is never ending. it is on a perpetual build up EVERY SINGLE DAY but that is how life is it not? yes, i HAVE heard a it a million times, that i am just going to have to deal with it and NOT be a loser, but can i not just whine and complain even a LIL bit? oh wells.

prefect orientation in full swing this week. have given my first free signature to su jen. my second free signature is off with my junior. i was confirmed giving her my signature for free anyway. oh wells. i DO remember doing prefect orientation last year. some seniors were kind. but some? sigh. can vividly remember dee asking a junior to sing twinkle twinkle little star, complete with action and all. haha. that was a good laugh!

hmm, there is a lot more but i do not think i have the time to jot all THAT down here right now. just leaving out bits and pieces. hehe. till next time, ciaoz...

quote of the day
friends are like parachutes. if they aren't there the first time, you would not be needing them ever!

cassie over and out


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