Saturday, January 08, 2005

one week down

first week of school is gone and done with.
in this week, i think i have just about experienced any darn emotion there is for a human heart to actually feel.
disappointment, anxiety, fury, anger, hate, hope, love, appreciation, and the list goes on and on.
i have found out just about how hypo-critical one can be.
how heartless one can be.
i could go on all night.
in this two days alone, i have found out many a thing.
one or two good, the rest, just plain bad.
i just want everything to end.
i feel drained, sick, tired, emotionless and most of all drowning in self hate.
sad life i've got there.
and it has only been the first week of the year.

fact of the day
i can't actually spell "disappointed"
i spell it as "dissapointed"
what crap

cassie over and out


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