Saturday, January 22, 2005


had mcd for lunch today. yum yum. hehehe. wanna go again tomorrow!!! wheee!!! hahah. okok. i'm a lil mad but hey! whatever goes right?
oh and i bought like two books today. shopaholic ties the knot and bridget jones:the edge of reason. hehe. still left with the book vouchers that my aunt gave me. have to go spend it off sometime soon before it expires.hmm..
then went for tuition. chua's is like super packed nowadays..and super noisy too.. hmm..part of which is contributed by us la...hehe...but thing is sometimes when teacher is halfway explaining then we're like all talking..then he has this REALLY exasperated look on his face but then he doesn't say anything bout it. feel kinda guilty thinking back on it :(.. oh wells
then came back and have been doing my homework ever since. oh wells.
am gonna fiddle with my template after this.hehhe

cassie over and out


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