Sunday, January 09, 2005

its'a the end of the week

as if my week hadn't been bad enough, it had to end with a bang. and i DO mean that quite literally. my stupid chair *you know those twirling chairs which allows you to adjust the height*.. yeah well, when i got up, the stupid chair sprung up, catching my finger with it between the table. yeah. as lyn would put it. my finger got "kiap" between the stupid table AND the chair. my third finger that is. which is now, rather disabled of any actions at all. how am i typing? well, i am using my 2nd and 4th finger. that's right, my third finger of my right hand is now, NUMB AND RED.... great...just great....explains why i am blogging now, simply because i CANNOT lift a pen to write my stupid essay. and though i let out a rather loud yelp, no one, i repeat NO ONE in the whole house came to my rescue. which is rather sad. oh wells.

today was rather uneventful. godmama woke me up at 11 asking for some people's number. and after i sent the numbers to her, she thanked me, and wished me a good day, doing her homework. ish..she had to remind me...but like, HOW ON EARTH do i write a speech? speeches and i are JUST not acquainted and i WOULD NOT like to make its acquaintance either. sigh.

was stuck with my add math for TWO HOURS. TWO HOURS!! can you imagine the nerve of it???

life is just SO unfair i tell you...imagine spending a sunday for crying out loud, stuck at home doing homework. homework which i have YET TO FINISH. lovely.

hmm, expect a long day in school tomorrow. not going to be home until 5sth, when i get back from tuition that is. sick. it's SICK i tell you.

nice way to start the year. JUST NICE.


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