Tuesday, January 25, 2005


"calling all pie to major yum"
hahah...quote unquote weebl & bob. man..they are super cute...heheh....
am having major headache now. i think it must be the heat or lack of sleep. this just isn't fair. last day of holiday and i'm having a headache. what's more...i still have mod math 2 do. totally forgot that there is mod math tomorrow. thought it was the day after. so there. i am going to be slogging my guts out tonight, doing mod math homework to pass up tomorrow else i'd be dead. sigh.
angel came over today and we went out shopping for an hour or so. then we came back to my place and we ended up doing like 4 hours of homework at the "kidney" table. heheh. or so she calls it. nth much happened today so today's post gonna be pretty short. hmm.. oh ya...no unwanted calls yesterday night!!! woohoo!!! hope its the same for tonight!!! hehe... hmm..what else...oh yar...i am totally addicted to nymphetamine and gabrielle with many thanks to alven..hahah...cradle of filth rocks!!! woohoo

+ cassie over and out +


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