Saturday, January 01, 2005

happy new year to everyone but me

my title reads happy new year to everyone but me.

that is exactly how i'm feeling right about now.

i can tell exactly how this year is going to be like.

there's gonna be a lot of laughter, a lot of tears, a lot of worrying, a lor of frustration, a lot of name calling, a lot of backstabbing, a lot of anticipation bla bla bla, the list goes on and on...

the new year brings about an air of not so much anticipation but a lot of worrying. to me that is. to anyone who reads this but does not feel me, no worries. you are okay. i'm the one who's not. and to anyone who DOES feel me, hey, join the club of the people in the sinking boat.

as it is, i woke up this morning, dreading pretty much the rest of the day. as i had physics tuition straight after lunch. not very nice. not exactly the way i wanted 2 start my year but yeah. that was EXACTLY how it was alright. starting off the year with tuition. WHAT A WAY to start, it's telling me something. i can SOOOO feel it. sigh.

to those who have finished their schooling years in uniforms, please bugger off and stop rubbing it in. it is bad enough already without having people to come and tell me "have a "great" year ahead and may you do well in spm". i repeat people. DO NOT tell me that my doom is looming once again. i am PISSED enough as it is without people having to come tear my heart out and just about every organ in my body, THEN come and rub salt in the wound and last but not least let me die a slow but sure death by skinning me alive, rubbing more salt, then cutting me up bit by bit and leaving me in the middle of the city, where oh i don't know..just about every single damn bacteria lives. and if anyone .. i repeat, ANYONE isn't happy about anything said in this whole damn post so far then BUZZ OFF. i need no one telling me what the hell is going to happen next in my life, and i especially do NOT need some people telling me exactly how wonderful life can get. NO THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN SO GET OUTTA MY WAY BEFORE I SCREAM SOME PROFANITY THAT WILL EVEN BRING A SAILOR TO SHAME.

argh. i just have nothing else to say. if anyone is perturbed or disturbed by this post, please kindly DO NOT call the authorities. just leave me here to bleed.. thank you very much. JUST LEAVE ME ALONE.

i cannot find a way to describe it
it's there inside
all i do is hide
i wish that it would just go away
what would you do
you do if you knew
what would you do

avril lavigne
take me away

cassie over and out


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