Monday, January 03, 2005

first day of school

i have no idea why. but i can't seem to actually blog with the music on. seems to disturb my flow of thoughts. hmmm...maybe like what godmama think faster than you can write, or in this case type. my mind is like on overdrive all the time. its a wonder i haven't gone bonkers yet. really. i mean like, its either im thinking bout one thing or the other, or i'm worrying bout one thing or another. there is just SOMETHING not right with the way my mind works.

oh wells. that was not what i came to blog about. not about how my brain works at least. oh never mind. putting that aside, today is the first day of school of the year 2005. not really a year i am looking forward to. one thing is spm, the other is knowing very well that i will not be seeing my friends on a near daily basis from next year onwards. but that will be something i will worry about when the time comes. not as if i have not enough to worry about.

so they always say. new year brings about new things. in this case, a new classroom after being in my old classroom for about... 3 years maybe? .. HAS been three years. oh gosh. how time flies. new classmates. all the smart smart people in my class. which makes me feel really sad right now. told that to godmama. and she was like "so what do you think you are?" and i was like "average?!?!?!!" and she shot me THAT look. though that ONE look of hers paints a thousand expressions. or rather. it conveys A LOT of things, depending on how you look at it. oh wells.

wat else, hmm...have gotten mrs koo as my class teacher again. she must be like "WHAT??? I'M STUCK WITH THOSE BUNCH OF MISFITS AGAIN?!?!?!" PLUS, our class being at an oh-so-strategic place of directly above the office and principal's room....muahahah....chance to get into trouble...though although i don't actually go looking for trouble, trouble comes looking for me. its like im a magnet. attracting trouble all the time. oh wells.

school was rather uneventful today, not much work was done. i can only imagine how much fun 5sc3 is gonna be getting, with the whole bunch of my "misfit" friends there, i'm not talking about you angel, AND godmama as their english teacher. kinda sad and disappointed. sigh. kinda dislike the idea of being stuck with SOOOO many smart people. i am like...outta place there!!!! :'(... i mean, its my last year in school....why can't i choose to be in the same class with my friends for ONE LAST FREAKING YEAR?!?!....i HATE my life...

after school, was add math tuition.....wasnt TOO bad i guess......only things, i nearly fell off my chair when xin yu reminded me about my oh so cute guys's been a while since i fell off the chair. but in this case NEARLY....hmm...that's about as much as i can remember happening today. loads of other stuff but not of particular interest. have an EXTREMELY boring life. dreadful is all.

:'( .. feel like crying all over again...

cassie over and out


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