Thursday, January 27, 2005


my life is in mortal peril. okay. maybe not THAT exaggerating but hey! its the truth! i am dying from homework overload and lack of sleep. just like everyone else. this is really really really sad. oh wells.

fell asleep watching a drama earlier on. haha. i'm always falling asleep watching it. either that or i'm always busy or not around when its playing. i'm probably not fated to watch it or something like that. i mean. i try really, i do... to NOT fall asleep but the next time i wake up its after the show ends. how sad can it get.

today is archana's birthday. we walked into class with a birthday cake. with many thanks to mrs lee n pn geetha who were ever so kind to allow ten minutes of their period so that we could give her that little surprise. angel and i shared a present of this cow. soft toy that is. in a red box with a cow papa, cow mama an bebe cow on it. it was super cute. both toy and box. hehe. it was soft and plushy and furry and soft and...oops. okay okay. sorry. got a little carried away.

anyway. today in bio, chengkee was talking something about wriggling your toes during long and naggy assembly or speeches so that our blood flows or something like that. then she said, "but the best thing is to eat lots of breakfast. and in order to have loads of breakfast you must wake up early. and in order to wake up early, you must sleep early." there i intercepted her and said, "yar teacher. in order for us to sleep early, you mustn't give homework!" hahah.. that is when the whole class burst out laughing. heheh. chengkee had this really exasperated look on her face....shocked to hear me say such a thing. haha. thought she was going to start hyperventilate or something along that lines. haha. the look on her face really is priceless. hehe. BUT... there is a BUT... she still gave us lots of homework. not because of what i said but because we had missed so many of her classes due to the holidays. therefore, we were doing work which sc3 had already done the week before. talk about catching up. THAT we have loads to do.

other than that, we had work work and more work from mas liana. thank god pn geetha was merciful enough not to give us any work. phew. hmm..

last but not least...was caught up in school doing the els board this afternoon. somehow, i think that pn yeoh would not be pleased. definitely. NOT PLEASED AT ALL at the sight of our board. for one thing, there are two, i repeat TWO tombstones there and a blood stained moon with a witch on it. yes. i know what you are thinking. i DID kind of thought up the idea. the whole haunted mansion on a hill thing complete with a boiling and pouring over cauldron. hehe. i guess if she doesn't like it then its just too bad cause i'm not going to be doing it again. thats it. think i better ciao and finish up my bio drawing. hehe.

quote of the day
for some things money can't buy
for everything else. there's mastercard.

+ cassie over and out +


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