Friday, January 14, 2005

another week down

i have absolutely no idea why but i seem to be pissed at myself half the time. not for something i did, but for something which is totally out of my control. i mean, i know that it's out of my control, so why should i be pissed right? but i just am. call me weird or whatever but that's just the way it is.

i miss my friends. have been so so busy lately that i can't even seem to sit down and talk with them for five full minutes without having to do two or three things at the same time. infuriating really. i mean, it's my last year in school. can't i even sit down and spend some decent time with my friends? NOOOO.... instead i am so busy tryin to cope with a million things at one time. god alone KNOWS when was the last time i saw angel AND when was the last time i actually had a decent conversation with stef! i can't believe this.... =(

and my homework! my, you wouldn't believe how much homework i've already got. and its only accumulating for three days. i know, i know. don't procrastinate right?? but what do you want me to do? trying to finish homework that is meant to be passed up on the next day is already QUITE a task. i am staying up late EVERY SINGLE NIGHT until about 12 sth 1 just trying to finish the work meant to be passed up on the next day.

oh ya. i am virtually voiceless now. my throat hurts so badly that i can barely speak. nada. nothing. ISH!!!!

and i just noticed a nice slit across my wrist. hmmm.....

cassie over and out


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