Tuesday, January 18, 2005

and yet another day passes me by

it is a holiday from thursday right up to tuesday!!! woohoo!!!!
thank the heavens
haha.. omg.. you wouldn't believe how relieved everyone were when noraini told us about the whole holiday thing!
at least there's SOMETHING i can look forward to this week.
pn vasantha and noraini ALSO added that pn geetha is coming back tomorrow. at first when they told us, we were like yay!!! she's coming back!!! 5 seconds we looked at each other with horrified faces and said "oh shit. physics paper. oh damn it". haha. great. we're dead. so dead.
i haven't even touched my physics AND my mod math homework. not so much that i did not want to do. more of i have NO TIME to do! absolutely! oh no...die die die
one last thing before i head off to do SOMETHING...ANYTHING... i cannot for my life move OR EVEN feel my limbs anymore.
actually, i am really surprised that i even lasted this long. not sure how much longer i can last though. and this flu really isn't doing me any help AT ALL. all i'm doing all day is cough cough cough. sniff sniff sniff. ish. and i was shouting my lungs out during cheering some more. haiz..at the rate i'm going.....

cassie over and out


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