Monday, January 17, 2005

3rd week?

i have just lost track of how many weeks it has been since school started simply because it feels like a millennium. i kid you not and i am most definitely NOT exaggerating. believe me.
not supposed to be online actually. i mean GOD alone knows HOW MUCH homework i have accumulated just barely over 2 days last week but i just could not resist the temptation of coming online to check out angel's blog and to blog myself. will get down to work immediately after this. i hope. hehe. no. make that a will. i WILL and MUST get down to work after this which i doubt i will but never mind. hmm..lemme see what else.
i desperately need sleep. think i slept at 1 again last night finishing the stupid bio diagramme. and dennis just was not of ANY help at all.
hmm. yeah. speaking of which, wonder how his lil chat went.
sniff sniff. my nose is SOOOO blocked that tasha couldn't even recognise my voice when i called. hur hurr....
haha...picked that up from tasha. supposed to be a crying sound. or whatever.
sniff sniff.
woke up at 5.30 this morning cos my mummy not around to wake me up for school . she's in aussie now. so have to wake up myself.
and then right. of all things i forgot, i forgot my water. ish. so irritated at myself.

food for thought
never fall in love if you mean to break a heart
never look into their eyes when you mean to lie
promises are meant to be kept
scars will never heal
hearts are not meant to be played with
lies are only meant to hurt
and sorry is nothing but a word

cassie over and out


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